Our state of the art Maize Mill produces one of the finest nutritionally enriched maize meal and samp products. They are packaged in various sizes ranging from 500g up to 80kg. Our superior product is the Mother’s Delight Extra Super Maize Meal.


The first product manufactured in our factory was Brown Bread Flour, back in 1976 but today, Lesotho Flour Mills boasts a wide portfolio of products under the Flour Mills. These includes our most popular, Mother’s Delight – Easybake, Cake Flour, Self-Raising Flour, White Bread Flour, and Brown Bread Flour.


As Lesotho Flour Mills grew, the second product introduced was sugar packaging. It is packaged in various package sizes of brown or white sugar.


We also have a wide range of feed products covering poultry, sheep, piggery, cattle and horses. Our product formulations are done and executed by skilled and experienced staff. Our sales staff are also qualified agricultural scientists who offer free advice and follow up to our clients.

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About us

Lesotho Flour Mills started in operations on 26th March 1979 whereby only wheat products were made. The government of Lesotho had desired to create a platform where Basotho’s produce could be consistent sold by farmers with a view to commercialize agriculture.In 1982, Lesotho Flour Mills incorporated Lesotho Sugar Packers thereby initiating a sugar packaging business, that was later followed by the establishment of a Maize Mill in 1986 as the company continued to grow. In 1989, a new feed (Lesotho farm feed mills) mill section was established in order to produce animal feeds.


To be the Regional Food Supplier of Choice.


Our Mission

We are a food company which is sales and marketing driven supported by all the other departments. Our mission is to increase market leadership in order to enhance stakeholder value.

Our Values

The LFM employees are guided by six values of:

  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Innovation
  • Teamwork
  • Excellence
  • Transparency